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List of Tapes & CD's: Faith Builders


Faith - Matt. 21:17

Is there anything to hard for God? - Jeremiah 27:32

Peace - John 14:27

Stay on the Camel - Gen 12

Now nothing shall be restrained from them that they have imagined to do - Gen 11

John 3:16 For God so loved the World.

Psalm 23 He leadeth me in paths of righteousness

Gen 22 Yellow raft (God will provide).

Psalm 103 Mercy

Heb. 5:20 Babies (Growing in grace) Soul winning.

Psalm 142:4 No man cared for my soul.

Isaiah 55 Sowing the Gospel seed

Romans 5:20 Grace did much more abound

Ex 4 What is in thine hand? Relationships

Matt 7 Judge not

Matt 20 Life is not fair

Matt 5 Towers – build on the rock Miscellaneous

John 8:32 Truth (Airplane story) good for youth

Luke 16:19Hell  (Evangelistic)

Luke 16:31 Neither will they be persuaded

1 Kings 21 Nabeths vineyard

Matt 24 Alcohol

11 Peter 2 The dog has returned to his vomit.


Send me your comments or drop me a line.