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When I, Bruce Hawthorn, was director, we hired Frank Sommerville one of the top three experts in the US dealing with 501C3 organizations. He suggested we hire a company to determine fair and reasonable salaries for the top employees. We did as he suggested and we made about 10% of that suggested amount.


 Under my leadership, the BRM had assets of $11 million dollars.  We were completely free of debt and running in the black every month.  I wonder what the gross net worth of the Mission is now under the leadership of Howard Russell. 


Any successful businessman hires employees and board members that see eye to eye with him in order to be a success. Their goals and philosophies should be similar. The president of the United States, in choosing his people, does the same. I have been accused by Howard Russell of only wanting yes men on my board. Why is Howard Russell having secret board meetings?  It looks like he only wants board members that agree with him. The board members should be responsible for the actions of Howard and Dick. Howard and Dick sued me apparently without the Board’s knowledge.  Now the Board simply says they are not suing me, but Howard and Dick are.  Two board members (Dick and Howard) cannot have secret board meetings without violating their church exemption.


Where did Howard Russell get the money to sue?   Every Board is in control of the actions of that organization.  There are certain rules that must be followed.  Before a Board takes action and sues someone they must have a meeting and vote accordingly. When did the Board vote to sue me? I have a letter from one of the board members and verbal confirmation from two others saying Howard Russell and Dick Lupton are the ones suing me that the Board had nothing to do with it. If this is the case the Board is NOT in control but Howard and Dick are.  The Board has the power now to call a meeting and drop the suit.


Under God’s leadership I was able to create two twin towers, the Barberton Rescue Mission and the Christian Brotherhood Newsletter.  I am watching while Howard and Dick destroy these towers.  It appears the Board is watching and doing nothing about it.  It is past time for the BOARD to take action!


When I was asked by the Board to turn the property over to the Mission I agreed with the understanding that the Brotherhood belonged to me. The Board agreed to this.  How can the board members call themselves Christians when they have taken the Brotherhood away from me? Are they not men of their word?  I would have never turned the property over if I didn’t trust them. They owe me compensation.


I went to see Glen Miller (a board member) three times, asking for him to listen to my side of the story but he refused.  I then went to his church and asked to meet with his church board as the Bible said to do and the pastor refused. Why doesn’t the Mennonite church follow Matt. 18 & I Cor. 6.


When Dan Beers went to the courts for an appeal the BRM board (or Howard) tried to freeze his checking accounts and garnish his wages, which limited his income and made it difficult to come up with the money for the appeal. 


How can you expect to have God’s blessings on your work when you openly go against God’s Word?  I have admonished you; the Board to take action but you has done nothing. I want you to know here and now I am going to use every means available to tell the other side of the story and expose the hostile take over by Howard, Dick and Bob. The other day a Newspaper reporter contacted one of us being sued getting information in telling our side of the story.  You are going to face these issues and you will have to make a decision.  Act now while these two towers can be saved.  Have a meeting and vote to drop the charges.


Christians it is time for you to take action, get involved.  If you support the Mission or are a member of the Christian Brotherhood Newsletter you have an obligation to express your wishes.  ACT NOW!


Enclosed are the names and addresses of the Board Members contact them now, don’t put it off.


There is an alternative to the Brotherhood, if interested contact me:


Bruce Hawthorn

2580 ElDorado Ave.

Avon Park, Fla. 33825