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It's not over yet

It's not over yet
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It’s Not Over Until It’s over, well it’s not over.


The truth did not come out in the courts, our story was never told.  To please the state the Judge blocked our story being told.  The very issues that I was found guilty of the IRS found me innocent of and paid me because they were wrong.  I took the IRS to court and won.  The Judge would not allow these facts to be brought out. 


You have to July 15, 20?? to drop the charges against Bruce, Ron, Tom and Ells or we will go to the public with the other side of the story.


The Mission picked up one man 197 times and tried to rehabilitate him, we would have picked him up 198 times but he died.  The Mission of the Barberton Rescue Mission was to help the down and outer by showing unlimited compassion.


I was the founder of the Barberton Rescue Mission and you have not showed me compassion at all.   It is plain the goal of Howard Russell and Dick Lupton was a hostile take over.  Neither they nor the board ever came to me as a Brother to help but in secrecy and scheming they plotted to take over.


Either we settle this as Christians out of court or we will do everything in our power to clear our name.  Books will be written, tabloids will tell the story, the news media, public speaking and a new Brotherhood started.  Since I moved to Florida Date Line NBC called me and said, “Why don’t you start a new Brotherhood program.  We checked and there is nothing stopping you from doing so.”  I am much wiser, better educated and have exciting new ideas concerning starting a new program. I will use any other sources to expose the sin, deceit and trickery of you who have done everything to destroy my name. My brother John is the one I want you to contact to let me know if you are willing to cooperate.


You can come out of this situation looking like a hero by making your peace with me and having me as a friend instead of an enemy.



Bruce Hawthorn